Which Side Is Ajmeri Gate?

Which side is Paharganj?

You need to get out from the one pointing to the New Delhi station and cross over from Platfrom No.

16 to Platform No.

1, and you would be on the Paharganj side.

Paharganj because platform no 1 is at the paharganj`s side and you need to cover less distance from that side..

Who built Ajmeri Gate?

Nawab Ghaziuddin BahadurThe gate is surrounded by a park and a madrasa built in 1811 by Nawab Ghaziuddin Bahadur, the son of the first Nizam of Hyderabad. On the west side of the madrasa lies a tomb and a mosque. The Ajmeri Gate was also the site of India’s First War for Independence in 1857.

How many gates are still present in Delhi?

five gatesOut of the 14 gates, five gates have survived, namely, the Kashmiri Gate on the north, the Ajmeri Gate on the south-west, the Delhi Gate on the south-east, Turkman Gate on the south and the Nigambodh Gate on the north-east, all of which express vividly the splendor of the city.

Why Delhi is called walled city?

Old Delhi or Purani Dilli is an area part of the greater city of Delhi, India. It was founded as a walled city named Shahjahanabad in 1639, when Shah Jahan (the Mughal emperor at the time) decided to shift the Mughal capital from Agra.

Which metro line is open in Delhi?

Yellow Line and Rapid Metro were the first to reopen on Monday, followed by Blue Line and Pink Line on Wednesday. “Seven lines of the Delhi Metro network are now open! Thank you dear commuters for following the safety guidelines and helping us maintain good service.

Which side is Platform 2 in NDLS?

Station Code: NDLS New Delhi railway station platform 1 is on Paharganj side and has many facilities like wi-fi, cloak room, waiting room, retiring room, restaurants, toilets etc. New Delhi railway station platform 16 is on ajmeri gate side with same facilities.

Is Metro open in Delhi today?

All corridors of Delhi Metro network are now running with the original timings being followed from the pre-pandemic schedule of 6 am to 11 pm. “With the resumption of service on the Airport Express Line, all lines of the Delhi Metro network are now open! Remember to follow the guidelines when travelling.

How many platforms are there in New Delhi?

16New Delhi railway stationNew DelhiPlatforms16Tracks18ConnectionsAuto stand, Taxi standConstruction22 more rows

Which platform is towards Ajmeri Gate?

Related: What are the most popular tours in New Delhi? Ajmeri gate is at platform 16.. and platform number 1 is at Pahar ganj side.

What is Paharganj famous for?

Sex trade and Safety. Paharganj has been a hub for backpackers and hippies starting from the 1970s. However, the area now is noted for having high amount of crime, poverty, drugs, sexual assaults and scams.

How do I get to NDLS platform 14?

Therefore to reach platform no. 14 you may enter the station from Ajmeri Gate Side. If you are travelling by taxi or auto mention “Ajmeri Gate” and you will reach your destination. If you are travelling by metro, get down at “New Delhi” Metro Station in Yellow Line which is located in Ajmeri Gate Side.

Which side is New Delhi Metro station?

New Delhi is a station on the Yellow Line of the Delhi Metro. It is within walking distance from the Indian Railways New Delhi station. It is on the New Delhi Metro (Platform Number 16) side of the New Delhi Railway Station.

Which is the dirtiest railway station of India?

PerungalathurAs per the Swacch Rail Swacch Bharat Survey, Perungalathur was ranked as the dirtiest station in India, having scored 258.50 out of 1000.

Which city is also known as Walled City?

city of JaipurThe walled city of Jaipur, known globally as Pink City, has finally become a Unesco world heritage site.

Which side of New Delhi railway station is open?

For Delhi Junction Railway Station, the entry and exit will be from Chandni Chowk side. For New Delhi Railway Station, the entry and exit will be from both Ajmeri Gate and Paharganj side.