What Is The Opposite Of Portray?

What is the opposite of reflect?

▲ (reflect on or upon) Opposite of to think deeply or carefully about.




What is the root word of vision?

The Latin root vis is easily recalled through the word vision, someone’s ability to “see,” whereas vid can be remembered through video, or moving images which you “see” on a screen.

What materials Cannot absorb water?

Materials that don’t absorb water include; Styrofoam, zip lock bag, wax paper, aluminium foil, sandwich wrap.

What does it mean to absorb a cost?

if an organization absorbs the cost of something, it pays that cost: The law school has absorbed most of the expenses so far, but it may have to offer fewer places next year to reduce costs. … Telecorp Holdings absorbed its Spanish subsidiary, Digital Corporation, into its British headquarters.

What is a better word for was?

What is another word for was?appearedbecamelookedseemedcame to behad beenhas beenhave beenturned out to bewere2 more rows

What is the opposite of visually?

Antonyms: unseeable, invisible. Synonyms: optical, ocular, opthalmic, optic. ocular, visual(adj)

What is a prefix that means front?

For example, the super- means “above” or “over”; hypo- and infra- mean “under.” Prefix itself has a prefix: pre-, which means “before.” In fact, the Latin root of prefix is praefixus, meaning “fixed in front.” (Note our word’s opposite here, suffix, which describes what is fixed at the back of a word.) …

How do you use absorb?

Absorb sentence examplesI have enough acreage and cattle to absorb some of the loss. … My guess is we won’t have to absorb all this information. … He had forgotten what it felt like to just let go and let the magic absorb him. … That necklace will absorb new magic and prevent him from accessing the depths of his current store.More items…

What is the opposite of represent?

Antonyms of REPRESENT suppress, differ, reverse, fail, refuse, oppose, hide, stop, conceal, be original, imbalance.

What is the opposite of according?

Antonyms for according. differing (from), disagreeing (with)

What’s another word for reflect?

Some common synonyms of reflect are cogitate, deliberate, reason, speculate, and think. While all these words mean “to use one’s powers of conception, judgment, or inference,” reflect suggests unhurried consideration of something recalled to the mind.

What does optical mean?

1 : of or relating to the science of optics. 2a : of or relating to vision : visual. b : visible sense 1 optical wavelength. c : of, relating to, or being objects that emit light in the visible range of frequencies an optical galaxy.

What is represent?

1 : to present a picture, image, or likeness of : portray This picture represents a country scene. 2 : to be a sign or symbol of The flag represents our country. 3 : to act for or in place of We elect men and women to represent us in Congress.

What is the opposite of satisfaction?

satisfaction(n) Antonyms: dissatisfaction, discontent. Synonyms: gratification, contentment, complacency, content, comfort, reparation, indemnification, requital, reimbursement, recompense, atonement, amends.

How do we use according to?

“According to…” and “in accordance with…”“According to…” is usually used when you restate something someone told you or something you have heard or read somewhere. … “In accordance with…” is used in more formal contexts to introduce the notion of conformity. … It is common that people use “according to” when they should use “in accordance with”.

What absorb means?

to suck up or drink in (a liquid); soak up: A sponge absorbs water. to swallow up the identity or individuality of; incorporate: The empire absorbed many small nations. to involve the full attention of; to engross or engage wholly: so absorbed in a book that he did not hear the bell.

What does visual mean?

adjective. Visual means relating to sight, or to things that you can see.

What’s another word for according to?

In this page you can discover 17 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for according-to, like: as reported by, as stated in, conforming to, in accordance with, in consonance with, pursuant to, just as, in-keeping-with, in line with, congruent with and in proportion to.