Quick Answer: Where Is Far East Movement?

What genre is Far East Movement?

Electronic dance musicDance/ElectronicPopFar East Movement/Genres.

Who sings the song g6?

DevLike a G6/Artists

What happened to J splif Far East Movement?

Before joining Far East Movement, he was working as a DJ for the Power 106 radio station in Los Angeles. On November 23, 2016, Far East Movement announced that J-Splif had left the group due to family reasons.

What happened to the cataracs?

Singer-Vine is better known as Campa, the songwriter half of The Cataracs, whose 2010 record “Like a G6” (with Far East Movement and Dev) twice hit No. … 1 on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100.

What ethnicity is Far East Movement?

A range of Asian ethnicities are represented in the band. Kev Nish is half Chinese-American, half Japanese-American; Prohgress and former band member J-Splif are Korean-American; and the band’s DJ, Virman Coquia, who was already an established radio DJ when he joined in 2007, is Filipino-American.