Question: Are Sunex Impact Sockets Good?

Where are sunex impact sockets made?

TaiwanSunex Tools manufacture most of their products in Taiwan.

This enables them to be comparatively cheaper than some similar products without any comprises of the construction.

That said, the company still manufactures shop presses in the USA..

Who makes the best impact sockets?

Best Overall. GearWrench 27-Piece Deep Impact Socket Set.Best Value. EPAuto 1/2-Inch Drive SAE Deep Impact Socket Set.Honorable Mention. Sunex 2568 1/2-Inch Drive Master Impact Socket Set.

Should I get shallow or deep impact sockets?

If money is a concern at first, just get the deep wells and get the shallow later. End of the day, a deep socket will remove what a shallow one could but a shallow one can’t magically grow to clear what needs a deep.

Is Matco rebranded Gearwrench?

Re: Are Matco wrenches rebranded gearwrench? Thanks for the clarification and yes they are the same ratcheting design but not the same wrench. Armys were a bit beefier and wider where you put pressure. At least that was the main difference with the combination ratcheting wrenches.

Can I use impact sockets for everything?

If it’s there then you can use impact sockets for everything. Without enough room they become useless. Impact sockets do wear out faster because they are softer, but that probably doesn’t matter.

Are GearWrench tools made in America?

This list includes the well-known GearWrench brand, as well as Kobalt and Delta Power Equipment (which is headquartered in the USA but made in Taiwan). … Some of the tools available through NAPA are made in Taiwan as well as tools from Blue Point, Genius, and more.

Is snap on Made in China?

Only certain Snap-On tools are still made in the USA. Most hand tools are still made in their facilities in Milwaukee and other U.S. manufacturing locations, but products like their cordless power drill kit are made in China, among other countries.

Is Gearwrench good quality?

Gearwrench makes good stuff. Several of my buddies who are techs by trade have been buying that a lot more lately because the quality for the price is outstanding. As much as I personally don’t care for their parent company Apex Tool Group, the GearWrench products I do own have been perfectly fine.

Which is better 12 point or 6 point sockets?

Answer: It’s true that 12-point sockets are fine for most lightweight repairs, but heavy wrenching calls for a six-point socket. A six-point socket is much less likely to slip off a stubborn fastener or round over the corners.

Are sunex Tools Made in USA?

Our company started with a few passionate people, and now we employ over a hundred. Some of our tools are manufactured overseas, while some of our shop presses are still made right here in the USA with Foreign Components. We started out serving the automotive sector, and now we serve dozens of sectors.

Do you need special sockets for impact wrench?

Are impact sockets necessary? The short answer is no, you should not use a standard socket with an impact wrench. A normal socket will crack or break when used on an impact tool due to how brittle the material is. Contrary to common belief, it’s not the torque applied to the socket that causes the biggest issue.

Are sunex tools good quality?

Sunex Tools offers professional grade tools, they are exceptionally reasonable given their quality. I would expect to pay quite a bit more than Sunex is charging based on the build material and overall features.

Does GearWrench have lifetime warranty?

GEARWRENCH – Lifetime Warranty – The Home Depot.

Are sunex tools lifetime warranty?

Sunex® Impact Sockets and Hand Tools carry a Life Time Warranty that applies to open stock impact sockets and hand tools, including but not limited to impact sockets, chrome sockets, wrenches, pliers, screwdrivers and pry bars.

Do you really need deep sockets?

Deep sockets are better for specific jobs instead of general use. If you have bolted joints, they make a much better option for your socket wrench than shallow sockets. Because the length of the bolt means the nut will need to go further into the socket, deep sockets are a much better choice. …

Are impact sockets stronger?

Impact sockets are made with a softer steel that can handle impacts better. They are thicker because the steel is in fact softer and easier to bend (but not necessarily break). … Chrome sockets are made from a harder steel that is also stronger, but it is more brittle and cannot take impacts well.

What tools should I not buy at Harbor Freight?

Follow along with this list to get the most out of your own Harbor Freight Tools shopping spree…Reciprocating Saws | DO. … Saw Blades | DON’T. … Magnetic Wall Hangers | DO. … Tool Boxes | DON’T. … Tool Carts |DO. … Welders | DON’T. … Ratcheting Wrenches |DO. … Mechanic’s Tool Sets | DON’T.More items…•

Is it OK to use impact sockets with a ratchet?

A hand ratchet will connect and drive an impact socket just as it would with a normal socket. Similarly, it is safe to use an impact socket on a hand ratchet (although not vice versa).