How Much Is It Worth Meaning?

What does take it for what its worth mean?

Definition of take something for what it’s worth —used to say that one does not strongly believe that something is true or importantI know it’s just gossip, so I take it for what it’s worth..

How do you use worth in a sentence?

Worth sentence examplesThat was worth the wait. … Whatever the case, it certainly wasn’t worth arguing about. … It is worth $50 to you. … No book is worth reading that does not make you better or wiser. … It was worth it.) … “She’ll give them their money’s worth,” Dean commented.More items…

Had been worth it meaning?

1. To be worth the cost or work involved to attain something; to have benefits that outweigh the costs.

For what they are meaning?

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishsee something for what it issee something for what it is (also see somebody for what they are) to realize that someone or something is not as good or nice as they seem They are unimpressed with the scheme and rightly see it for what it is. → see. Exercises. Exercises.

What type of word is worth?

As an adjective worth describes something that has a value or deserves to be treated a certain way, like when your hard work baking is worth the effort.

What is meaning of worth it?

enjoyable or useful despite the fact that you have to make an effort: It was a long climb to the top of the hill, but the view from the top was worth it.

What are you worth meaning?

If you do something for all you are worth, you put a lot of effort into it: We pushed the car for all we were worth, but we still couldn’t get it started.

For what that worth meaning?

—used to say that one is not sure how helpful something one is about to say will beFor what it’s worth, I don’t think your dad meant to insult you.

How do you use worth it?

What you will find is worth it, used to describe something that has a value equivalent to what is being asked for it either in terms of money or effort. In that use, worth is an adjective. It’s worth it. is equivalent to (but NOT replaceable by) It has value (roughly equivalent value).

Is Worthfulness a word?

noun. 1Honour, dignity; worthiness. 2The fact or quality of having worth or value.

Is worth or is worthy?

“It is worth it” means that it is worth whatever price was necessary to obtain it. “It is worthy” has a more abstract meaning, similar to “it is good” or “noble” or “fine.” For example, you might say, “I paid $20,000 for this car, but it’s worth it.” You would say, “That is an excellent essay.

What is worth in English?

1 : the value or usefulness of something or someone Teammates praised his worth to the team.

Does it worth the effort?

If you say that something is worth the effort, you mean that it will justify the energy that you have spent or will spend on it. Fortunately, the chore of leaf sweeping is well worth the effort.

What she is worth meaning?

for all (one) is worth 1. To the greatest degree or extent of one’s ability; to the utmost; as vigorously or intensely as possible.

For what meaning?

: for anything : for all : as far as they may all be dead, for what we know.